A Fab New Market Stall Design!

Hello sweeties! During the first two months of each year, I find a little bit of time to reflect on the past year and see how I can improve on all things Little Blue Hen! So I decided it was time to build a more exciting looking market and event stall! I knew that I would have to have it built in a way I wanted it to look so I set about measuring and designing. I found out that buying timber for building little structures like I needed was really cheap, so off I fluttered to the builders' supplies and bought some sturdy chunks of wood, cladding and fixtures and I built everything myself. Since I was a little girl I was quite the dab hand at using tools thanks to my dad teaching me! 


Seeing the framework slowly transform into what I had imagined was exciting! Naturally the paintwork would be sky blue, Little Blue Hen Soap's recognisable colour! I used chalk eco-friendly chalk paint and a couple of sample pots to mix the colour for the lettering. The letter writing was a painstaking task of printing out the digital logo on to sheets of paper to then be hand cut out with a stanley knife and when you have a business name as long as mine you can see why patience is a precious virtue!

Once I had stenciled on the lettering guides with chalk I had to very carefully hand paint the lettering with two coats! Yes, double the trouble! 

Once the lettering was finished, I could add the fixtures onto the posts and the lightweight banner I built from cladding. I decided to knock together a sturdy soap deck for my stall so I could place my soap display boxes on it and below in such a way that I no longer had to play Jenga with them during sales. I painted the soap deck with a nice pale barley colour chalk paint too.

After a test set up in my home, it was ready for the big debut at St. Annes Handmade Market on Sunday 4th March. The overhead banner just about fits in my little blue car! Well the response was amazing! A few jolly stall holders popped over to compliment on my display and I gave them tips on how to create something similar. It really inspired people so that's wonderful! The difference it has on how people approach my stall was amazing! They look up now instead of squinting downwards at the old banner I used to pop below the table line. Some folk look like they are looking at a Disney feature! Little kiddies loved it and the comments I got were so lovely, one lady was walking past and said out loud, "Oh what a cute stall!" I think I have reached my goal. Hehe.


What's also great about this design is I can decorate the supporting posts with all sorts! I currently have blue netting and fairy lights but I can wrap garlands of leaves and flowers around which is another recognisable feature of the Little Blue Hen Soap style. Come and see my stall for yourselves! I have an events page so you can catch me if I am popping to a town close to you.


Thank you for reading my blog! Michelle Xxx(^v^)xxX


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