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Shampoo Bars Are Now Available!

Hello my little blue nestlings! It's about time Little Blue Hen Soap & Skincare had a zero waste shampoo bar range! It's long overdue and this has been because it's taken quite a long time to source ingredients that measure up to our ethical standards of palm free, cruelty free, vegan and the need to care for your skin and health as well as the environment. It's a tall order but I've cracked it!

We have had some amazing feedback with customers raving about how soft and manageable their hair has become after using our new shampoo bars! I must also say that I love using them so much that I have definitely ditched the bottle! There is no need for conditioner unless your hair is extremely dry or frizzy. I have combined some lovely botanical ingredients with a reasonably new generation of gentle surfactant that is rating highly both environmentally and for hair/skincare needs. You can find out more about this ingredient here.

For the conditioning ingredient I have carefully chosen the amazing babassu oil which is wild harvested from the babassu palm trees in the Maranhão region of the Brazilian Rain Forest. It is sustainable in the way that it grows naturally in the forest and does not require mono culture or deforestation in order to grow it. It is a lovely light oil on the hair and so there is no sticky residues or heavy oil weighing the hair down. Our shampoo bars are also PH balanced. We have 8 fabulous scents to choose from, all made with essential oil blends that compliment your favourite products from Little Blue Hen Soap & Skincare.

Check out the shampoo bar range now!


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Do take into consideration that these soaps contain essential oils. Consult your health practitioners if you have a specific medical condition or you are or maybe pregnant. Even though Little Blue Hen Soap & Skincare products are natural and gentle, the ingredients

can, in rare cases, cause irritation or allergies. If you find any discomfort with using the products, discontinue use and seek medical advice. 

Due to the natural handmade nature of the products, slight differences in appearances should be expected, however this does not affect the quality of the products. All cosmetic products manufactured by Little Blue Hen Soap & Skincare are fully insured & certified to comply with EU & UK cosmetic legislation by chartered chemists. Details are available upon request.

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