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New Video On Youtube ~ Making Lilac Syrup

Hello sweeties! Some of my lovely customers have expressed the a wish for me to create some little videos about using botanical ingredients and tips for culinary and personal use. So I'm inviting you to take a peek at my Little Blue Hen Pantry and Garden to see whats growing and what's cooking! This video is about making lilac syrup, it's incredibly simple but I like to put my own spin on the methods for gathering and using botanicals.

I hope to pop a few more videos up on Youtube. I enjoy creating visuals and composing music! Running a small business and manufacturing so many products leaves me with little time and energy but I will dedicate a little bit of time here and there to hopefully build a little collection of short videos. If you would like to see me concentrate on certain subjects or ideas, please let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do.

Your chief savonnière ~ Michelle x


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