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Let's share with you what we put into our products. Transparency is the best way forward and we know that you care about what you are putting onto your skin and out into the environment.

​​​Soap Bars are made using the traditional cold process method with creamy cocoa butter, coconut, almond, rapeseed and sunflower oil for the ultimate rich and creamy lather. The scents are created with the highest quality essential oils and the colours are created using botanical infusions, spa quality clay and the occasional safe mineral pigment in the form of oxides (higher concentrates of these are used in mineral make-up). All soap bars are suitable for face and body.

Liquid Soap is made with sunflower, rapeseed, and coconut oils. The glycerine is also rapeseed oil based. The scents are made using blends of the finest essential oils.

Botanical Skin Butter is made a generous amaount of cocoa butter with almond, coconut oils and vitamin E extracted from wheatgerm and nothing else apart from the scents, created using some of the most exquisite essential oils you can find including high grade carterii frankincense, violet leaf, neroli and linden blossom. The butter is hand whipped on ice to create a fluffy user friendly cream that melts and glides on to your skin before sinking in to leave a superbly soft, hydrated and velvety feel.

Shampoo Bars are made with a very gentle but effective surfactant made of coconuts called *sodium coco sulfate which gives a beautiful fluffy lather that gently cleanses your hair hand scalp without stripping away vital natural oils. For a beautiful shine and built in conditioner we have added babassu oil which is harvested from the Brazilian rainforest, supporting indigenous people's living and the preservation of the rainforest. We then add some exciting food grade ingredients or spa quality clay, pretty botanical features and our classic essential oil blends, two of the shampoo bars contain a very small amount of IFRA approved fragrance oils of coconut and chocolate. *The molecules of sodium coco sulfate are larger and much gentler than the often irritating sodium/ammonium lauryl/laureth sulfates that have much smaller molecules that can reach further into the epidermis hence the irritation.

Conditioner Bars

Our conditioner bars are loaded with cocoa butter and jojoba oils to naturally nourish your hair. Vegan vitamin B5 and Sunflower vitamin E are also added to help strengthen your hair. Behentrimonium Methosulfate may sound a mouthful but it is made from brassica oil by extracting erucic acid to make a cationic conditioner. Contrary to the chemical name it is actually a non-sulfate, quaternary ammonium compound and very gentle on the skin and hair. Please be careful of scaremongerers who don't know their chemistry!

Face Nectar

100% carefully selected and balanced blends of organic fruit, flower and plant oils to nourish and care for the delicate skin on your face.

Bathing Fizzies We use the basic fizz ingredients of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid to soften your bathing water then we add our classic essential oil blends that release their aromas while you bathe. Some of the bathing fizzies have dried flower petals that unfurl in the water for that added spa feel. We use a little bit of clay in a couple of the fizzies and an even tinier amount of mineral pigment to decorate the fizzy without creating a mess in the bath tub.

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