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"I wanted to write personally and tell you that I love your Breezy Island soap.   

It is really good on my oily, overactive, acne prone skin.  This is all I use (and need) to keep all the nasties in check and it beats any other product on the market - fake, natural or organic - hands down by a mile. 

Thanks for giving me back some confidence.  It is nice to be able to have some confidence as, for over 30 years, I have had none and this simple thing is taken for granted - good skin.  It is also nice not to be ripped off by dermatologists, passed over by doctors and subjected to over bearing skin care consultants who want to sell you everything for the commission.  I find less is more on my skin and this soap is a dream.  I will try the others that I have purchased but this one is a little miracle worker xx I could kiss you!! I went away on holiday last week and nearly had it confiscated at the airport - I would not have been a happy bunny but pleaded with them not to take away my little treasure!!"

 Amanda - Watford 

"Thank you so much for all the lovely free samples, the Jasmine body butter is gorgeous, my mum got that last time, I will definitely be getting myself some!

I have to confess, that all the soap is for us :)  My three children all love your soap as well, we all have to have one bar each, plus two on the bathroom sink, one on the side of the bath and one in the kitchen.  We all use them so much I have to make sure I get plenty, I could never go back to using any other soap.  

I have started ordering for my mum as well, she's become a convert as well, so when I order two of one the other is for my mum, except with Keep Karma, they are always both for me, it's my favourite :)

We just all love your things so much, it makes me so happy using them, the scent is always just right and they are all completely natural, nature and the environment are very important to me.  My eldest daughter loves all the chocolate ones! Thanks again for all the free samples, and for making your gorgeous things for us all."

 Tracey - London


"Just wanted you to know that I met you at Hulme Garden Centre and took one of your cards  I want to compliment you on the free gift you sent me of Adagio Botanical Skin Butter, it is lovely so thank you so much. I am using it every day so soon will be none left. One of the bath bombs and the Spice mini mix I have put away as Christmas gifts but the Fairy Bomb I am saving for a bath time treat for me. :-) I am going to all the Manchester Vegan fairs so hope to see you again soon.  Thanks again."

Carole - Manchester

"Absolutely beautiful stunning products. The soap was overflowing with bubbles & so creamy. Smelled delicious with pure essential oils. Looking forward to using the fizzy. The cream sank right into my skin. Really very good quality & totally recommend this lady's products. She makes them with care."

Sharon - Ireland

"I really love your Glacier liquid soap. Smell is so refreshing and feels lovely on my hands!"

Julie - Warwickshire

"I saw you at Manchester Vegan Festival, bought a basic unscented bar of soap. It's beautiful soap, so I will order another and I will try your liquid soap too."  

John - Manchester

"They (are) seriously the best soaps I ever had. I had many different ones in trial sizes and loved all of them!
The scented ones are just so great and really make you either relaxed or vitalised. 
But my favourite was actually the unscented one. It was pure perfection, lasted so long, moistened my skin and had a firm consistency until the very end."

Marijke - Germany

"Love your products! Soaps and the body butter...are heavenly. The soaps have a lovely scent and I don't need lotion afterwards. I use the body butter which is beautifully piped into the container and makes my skin so soft. Not to mention the customer service! I asked if you could send a gift to a friend in England. You made sure it was beautifully presented and arrived quickly. You gave my friend thousands of miles away a gesture of love when she needed it from me."

Dawn - New Jersey USA

"Beautiful luxurious products and beautiful ethics, so rich and luxurious, fantastic smells, feels like silk on the skin, anyone who tries these would definitely stick with them, gorgeous."

Sarah - Derbyshire

"I like some of Lush's stuff but (Little Blue Hen's) stuff's is better - much more sophisticated fragrances and beautifully presented. I can heartily recommend Little Blue Hen products - I bought some soaps and skin butter at the Lancaster Vegan Fair last year and not only were they were divine, but they were also very effective and great value."

Carol - Lancaster

"The order arrived today and my living room already smells marvelous! 

Thank you so much for all the free samples they are very welcomed."

 Marijke - Germany 

"Hello we met in Fleetwood yesterday, I just wanted to say the soap is amazing, best vegan soap I have used and the perfume is so nice. it shows animals don't have to suffer for beauty."

Anita - Lancashire

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for delivering my soap / bath fizzies so quickly. I absolutely love them, they are just delightful! Also, thank you very much for the free mini-soap. x"

Anna - Suffolk

"★★★★★ I discovered the little blue hen at Lancaster vegan fair and bought two soaps and a body butter. I've actually been using the body butter on my face, and my skin is in the best condition it's been in for years. I thought it might be too heavy, but it sinks in easily and liquid or mineral makeup goes on beautifully afterwards - no zits, no flaky skin, smells divine! Thank you little blue hen!"

Norm - Lancaster

"Big thank you for my lovely order of soap! The only hard thing is to choose which one of them to use first. All Gorgeous!"

Susana - London


Gill - Buckinghamshire

"Used your peppermint soap on my face this morning. Felt absolutely beautiful, so refreshing." 

Natasha - Buckinghamshire 

"Glacier Blue is a bomb! I love it!!!!"

Raffaella - Italy

 "Just wanted to say a massive thank you - my soap order arrived during the week and it is fantastic - smells fantastic and love them all - they were meant to be presents but keeping them for myself!"

Amy - Sunderland  

"Just used my new Sacred Spice soap...wow! I love it! Beautiful spicy smells wafting through ny house now (and coming from me!) the soap didn't deteriorate or wash away to nothing, it's certainly value for money. My skin isn't dry as often happens with other soap. Really pleased and can't wait to try the other two flavours I ordered! Thanks x"

Tina - Scotland 

"There's a party in my nose. They smell amazing! :) x"

Emma - Carleton

"Got my order today!! Came so quickly, thank you :) Wow, my soaps all smell amazing! They make your skin smell so nice! Can't wait to try them out in the shower. Thank you for fantastic service and great products!!"

Linda - Scotland

"Thank you for my order of soaps. Just wrapped all the ones I'm giving as Christmas presents.... Couldn't resist keeping a couple for myself though! They all smell so lovely. Thank you Little Blue Hen :o)"

Lucy - Buckinghamshire

"I received my wonderful spice soap yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you. I let my other half's first comment was 'wow, it smells like mince pies!' I have to agree. It smells gorgeous!!!" 

Sally - Norfolk


"Thank you for my order, it arrived very quickly and I am already enjoying the scents."

Janet - Northern Ireland

"Beautifully packaged and smelling divine! I love, love, love my Relax Zing soap, smells divine, is sooo creamy & left my skin soft as a baby's bot :) " 

"PS ...tried South Pacific last night - what a sexy little soap! - left the shower feeling like a Goddess...x"

Jayne - Chester

 "I bought the Glacier Blue soap at Kustom Kraft Fair in Cleveleys and it's simply amazing. It feels so luxurious to use I have hidden it from the kids and the hubby and will be keeping it all to myself and of course buying more at the next fair x"

Jacqueline - Lancashire


"Loved them (soaps) and was surprised how well they lathered as well as how long they lasted! I totally admire what you've done, from your designs, logos, how you market your soaps, your ethos, your personality shines through and it's a very 'chirpy' (get it?!) friendly approachable brand. Good luck with it all! Xx"

Tina - Scotland 

 "I have just used the beautiful soap for the first time and skin feels so soft no dryness at all, many thanks."

  Janet - Ireland

"What a super soap I got off you at least weeks fair, gorgeous and creamy, love it!! xx"

 Ruth - Lancashire

"Once again many thanks for the amazingly quick delivery on my latest order, giving someone some bars for their birthday... I'm sure they'll be just as happy with them as I am with mine :)"

Andy - Hertfordshire

"(Wild Wood) Is a 'pinnacle' of a soap! Is lovely to use after a run or a long walk as so warming on tired old muscles ;)"

Jayne - Chester


"It was lovely to meet you on Mon at the Solaris Centre Craft & Gift Fair. Your products are beautiful. Your soaps are amazing such an aray of colour and lovely fragrances and all so natural!!! Hope you will come back and do more."

Lynn - Blackpool

"Hi, im really loving those soaps I bought off you at the charity ladies night at the Imperial! Smell gorgeous! I've liked your page and will definitely be buying some more for Christmas presents!"
Ashleigh - Lancashire 

 "I bought some of this (Glacier Blue soap) yesterday - can't stop smelling it - totally gorgeous! xxx"

Isla - Lancashire

"Tried my Kokolo soap last night ... amazing! It felt lovely and luxurious to use, smelt super scrummy (and left my skin smelling lush), and left my skin feeling really soft, a huge bonus for me as lots of products dry my skin out. Will definitely be visiting the website for some Christmas presents. Very highly recommend xx"

Nicole - Lancashire

"It's (soap) in use already & lovely on my skin because I have to wash my hands so many times :)"

Chantal - Devon

 "Thank you LBH for my swift delivery of soap. My house smells so sweet! The wax seals look fab for prezzies. :o) x"

Lucy - Buckinghamshire

 "Got a free mini vegan soap from Little Blue Hen Soap today and it smells wonderful"

"Just to say thank you for the soaps they are beautiful!"

Sue - London


"I received my soap today...smells really yummy!! Thanks so much! Very quick delivery!" 

Marion - Scotland

"I bought some soaps from you when you were at the Solaris centre in November and I would just like to say your soaps are fab and my skin had never been better. Thank you and I am glad I met you xxx"

Lindsay - Sheffield

"Love my goodies, the lip balm is amazing!"

Karen Manchester

"The lip quenches are fabulous I bought 2 from you at a craft fair, they are brilliant I use them before I go to bed and lips stay moisturised all night and are still moist in the morning!! Wonderful stuff."

Susan - Lancashire

"Thanks for my lovely lip quenchers received last week along with my sample soap, they smell absolutely gorgeous."

Kim - Essex

"Soaps given for pressies - all loved - wait till they all use it - the gift that keeps giving !!!  xxxx perfect xx"

Fiona - Shropshire

"Hi! Many thanks for my two bars of soap! :) I love them! They are almost too nice to use but I caved in, of course ;) Oh and I am using the wraps (which are very professional btw) to pop in my drawers, you could mention that to other customers. I would certainly recommend you. Your presentation is amayyyzing too! :)"

The Handmade Vegan

 "Seriously they (Bathing Fizzies) are lovely. The upstairs has a fragrant whiff of goodness."

Mimi Love - Artist

"Guess what my house smells like???? Soap!!!!! I love them  I have been sniffing them all day. :) - Pure art and beauty molded into a compassionate piece of soap ♥"

Amber USA

"★★★★★ Picked up some "Lime Light Lip Quench" yesterday at the Winckley Weekend, and as a big Lush fan, I'm converted! Less than 24 hours later and honestly the difference is amazing, don't think they've ever been better 
Would definitely recommend."

Jo - Lancashire

"Hi received my Kokolo body butter yesterday and it smells gorgeous and feels lovely on my skin. Can't wait to try the other ones. Thank you xxx"

Lindsay - Sheffield

"Absolutely brilliant! !!! I have loads of these lovely soaps (and sent loads as pressies). They smell lush, leave my skin feeling lovely, doesn't dry skin out and skin smells beautiful. They go really far to so excellent value and completely natural. Highly recommend. And an absolutely awesome lady behind it all. Loves loves loves xxx"

Nicole - Blackpool

"Sheer gorgeousness! Creamy soft & beautifully scented ethical works of art. If this girl made cakes like this we'd all be obese!"

Loaf b&b - Northumberland

"Such wonderful Products - my skin certainly loves a 'Little Blue Hen' of bubbly goodness! :) Amazing how wonderful each soap always looks too! Lovely customer service and I'm always recommending these gorgeous products to my friends and family! :) xx"

Lorraine - Cleveleys

"Absolutely gorgeous products."

Helen - Hertfordshire

"Fabulous soaps...the best I've ever seen & smelt. This comes from someone who has made soaps in the past! Bought half a dozen of the lovelies & don't think it will stop there. Lovely, friendly lady too. Thank you so much x"

Helen - Preston

"Amazing products from an amazingly talented lady!!! My kids & I love all the soaps!! ♥"

Tudor Nutrition - London

"Lovely n luscious, used while languishing in the bath. Smell divine and are darn fine I'm thankful baby you were mine."

Nik - Lancashire

"Got my auction price today on behalf of (Homes4Hens Charity Auction) love it, packaging so pretty and it smells amazing, thank you!"

Kirsten - Northumberland 

"Love your products! Wish you were here in Melbourne, Australia"

Aum Shanti - Australia

"Put on my magical potion of Adagio - Geranium Botanical Skin Butter this morning. It's invigorating aromas are amazing and they tantalize all your senses as they are made from natural oils. It is very concentrated and goes a long way - that's good news with the amount I spread on every day! So many fragrances to choose from. Love it!!! xxx"

Lynn - Lytham 
"Oh dear. Looks like The little Blue Hen is threatening my piggy bank with bankruptcy. Body butter turned up today and it's all I could do not to eat it!! Gorgeous...do you sell it by the gallon??!!"

Karen - Staffordshire


 Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments! You are the most important ingredients in my soaping adventures after all, happy customers! 

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