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Little Blue Hen Soap Scoops Awards!

Hello sweeties! I am very excited and proud to announce that The Little Blue Hen Soap Crafting Company has won awards at the Wyre Business Awards on two separate occasions! Micro Business Of The Year for the Wyre Business Awards 2015 and again for Home Based / Online Business Of The Year 2016

This is a great event that is held every year in celebration of the Wyre Borough based businesses and their entrepreneurs who work hard to achieve an industrious and successful enterprise be it as tiny as mine or on a much grander scale employing others and growing the surrounding economy. There are some amazing people with talent of all sorts applying their skills and tenacity, truly inspiring and encouraging to say the least! They are fabulous annual events that are held in the Marine Hall in Fleetwood, I met some amazing people, learned about their businesses and enjoyed every minute!

It's just the beginning. I have much more work to do. I am fueled with energy and passion for my business and I love seeing it going from strength to strength, slowly but surely. A huge thank you to all you amazing customers, colleagues and supporters, you are the magical ingredients in Little Blue Hen Soap!

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