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Our Conditioner Bars Are Awesome!

Hello sweeties! Have you tried our amazing Conditioner Bars? They are made with jojoba, cocoa butter and a superb conditioning ingredient made from brassica oil. Maybe you are not familiar with conditioner bars so I will give you a bit of guidance on how they work.


Conditioner bars are a concentrated form without the need for being diluted in water and having to use so much packaging to hold the liquid products. Because they are concentrated, a little bit goes a very long way and they are more travel friendly that their liquid cousins.


They take a little longer to apply onto hair than liquid conditioners, especially if you have longer hair. But it’s a good to really use that time to have a moment to relax in the bath or shower and give your hair and scalp a good massage. This improves circulation and can help to bring nutrients from the bloodstream into your scalp and hair follicles.


To begin your hair conditioning ritual, run a warm shower over the conditioner bar for a few seconds or dip it into your bath water. This will activate the oils and ingredients to melt and move across your hair as you condition. If you have longer hair, take palm size sections and run the conditioner bar between your palms and hair through from roots to ends. You will begin to notice that the conditioner is transferring to your hair. This action also assures that your hair is thoroughly conditioned whereas with liquid conditioner we can be a bit slap dash and we can possibly miss where we need the nourishment most of all.


Our Conditioner Bars are brilliant at detangling, nourishing and protecting your hair. They are scented lightly with essential oils and gentle fragrances so you can team up your hair care routine with our matching shampoo bars!

Enjoy your bathing time! ~ your chief savonnière, Michelle x



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