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Green Business Of The Year Award!

I'm really excited to say that The Little Blue Hen Soap Crafting Company has won another award in the annual Wyre Business Awards! This time the award was for the Green Business Of The Year!

This means an awful lot to me personally because I strive to bring as much ethical and environmentally sound practice to the business. I am passionate about the Earth and everything that nature brings, how we must live in harmony with nature and take great care to protect the environment and all living beings too. It's really wonderful to be recognised for my efforts but I feel blessed to be aware of the impacts we have on the planet and that every little thing we do means a huge difference. Also I must thank all my customers for choosing my products with the same compassionate goals in mind.

A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes at The Little Blue Hen Soap Crafting Company, I appreciate the amount of steam it takes for anyone to run a business and the awards ceremony really shows this. There are many amazing businesses out there doing incredible things! To be in the presence of these hard working and talented people is very uplifting!

For running a business, you have to understand that we don't get out to party very often, it's usually sleep, work, sleep, work, so this is one (if not the only) shindig we attend once every year! It's all good!

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