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Sun & Stars Face Nectar

A little more about Sun & Stars Face Nectar

I have carefully selected organic fruit and flower oils that benefit all skin types and help to soothe a broad spectrum of skin issues such as dryness, oily, clogged, dull, scarred, sun damaged, aging and combination. You can use this face oil for night and day. The name Sun and Stars is for this attribute and also because I have added sunflower and star flower oil into the formula.

Sunflower is an excellent source of omega 6 linoleic acid. It is non comedogenic. For those of you who suffer from clogged pores, it's possible you could have a low level of linoleic acid in your skin so this oil can help to boost those levels with regular use of Sun & Stars Face Nectar.

Starflower also known as borage oil is wonderfully rich in gamma-linolenic acid, another omega 6 oil which can help to ease dry skin and ease itchy conditions with its mild anti-inflammatory properties.

Raspberry seed oil is bursting with vitamin E and omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. This oil is a great antioxidant, will help to improve the suppleness of your skin, a perfect all rounder for anti ageing too! Though not an actual sunscreen it'self, it is said to help slow down the effects of sun damage.

Rosehip is a wonderfully light but powerful anti ageing oil packed with vitamins A, C & E. This oil helps to boost cell regeneration, is known to help reduce pigmentation and boost overall radiance. Vitamins A & C help to boost collagen production and inhibit the creation of MMP-1, an enzyme that breaks down collagen in the body.

Vitamin E from sunflower is a fantastic antioxidant and super nourishing. It is said that it can help to reduce UV damage to skin. I also use this fabulous extract to help naturally extend the shelf life of the Face Nectar for longer.

Frankincense is an absolutely brilliant skincare ingredient. It helps to heal blemishes and similar damages such as sunburn and rosacea. Boswellic acid found in frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties. The name boswellic comes from the Latin binomial Boswellia. This incredible oil also has cell renewing, anti ageing properties and promotes radiance.

I hope you excited to try my new multitasking organic Sun & Stars face oil! Most of my adult life I have suffered from every skin ailment you can imagine, especially combination, super sensitive, acne, rashes, sun damage and dry patches. Over the years I have tried different oils to combat the effects of my wonky internal system and environmental factors wreaking havoc on my skin. This new formula is that story of small victories rolled into one amazing little facial oil potion after finally cracking that elusive code. I hope that you can benefit from this new product as much as I have and best of all, it won't cost the Earth in many more ways than one!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Your friendly savonnière ~ Michelle


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